What are some common repair issues?

  • Dirty Burners. Dirty burners reduce furnace efficiency. They smoke and smell when really dirty. The accumulated dirt can absorb moisture and cause rust/corrosion of the parts.  You may not get any heat from the furnace, or it may go out entirely. Even worse, dirty furnace burners put you and your family at risk of gas poisoning as a partially blocked burner can result in incomplete burning. 
  • Cracked Heat Exchangers. If you are smelling a strong, unpleasant smell, this could be your issue. This usually smells like formaldehyde and is highly toxic to your body when inhaled. Call your local professionals at Seasonal Energy Services immediately to rectify the situation.
  • Frayed Blower Belts. While a frayed and/or worn belt isn't dangerous, it's one of the most important parts in your system. In order for your heating system to move air throughout your home, it uses a blower, which is connected to a belt that allows the fan to run and circulate air. A high-pitched squealing sound is a good indicator this needs to be replaced.
  • Worn out Ball Bearings. Ball Bearings can seize over time due to dust, wear, and even heat. When they start to show signs of failure, worn bearings may simply produce unusual noises, such as screeching, grinding or rattling.
  • Faulty Thermostats. Your system may be giving you temperature readings. Maybe you have noticed an increase in usage on your monthly bill. If your HVAC system is short cycling, turning on and off on its own, or not responding when you change the thermostat settings, it's time to give us a call!